LOSS (by Lars "Issu" Olsson, (1969))

All instruments, vocals and mixing are made by me. All songs/lyrics made in early 90's, by me (exceptions stated). All recordings made autumn 2017 (or later).

All songs are free to share/listen too, as long as noone makes money/profit out of them.

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Because uncertainty is a/the highway to prejudice... let me clarify...

* No, I don't think that some races are better/worse than other races, but I believe that humans have adapted to their enviroments,
over long periods of time... hence some races may have some genetical differences that are superior/inferior in some situations.
* No, I don't think migration is a problem for a country. I believe that there are problems that causes migrations (remember, about 1 200 000 swedes migrated to USA between 1850→1930, and now there are at least 4 500 000 swedish americans in USA (about 9 000 000, if counting everyone with connections to Sweden).
* I have children that are only 50% Swedish... I have family members within "LSS".
* I believe that our genitals are "braindead" and it is our brains that "control" if and when we are ready to fall in love/get horny.
* I believe that humans are genetically pre-programmed (and also raised) to be attracted by the opposite sex, but there is no guarantee about what mind will occupy what gender, hence... there can be no "wrong" sexual gender-preference (but voluntariness and sexual maturity is a necessity).
* These lyrics are intended for "fun", and for make people think about things we tend to not talk about. They were also written between 1990→1995, in a different age of time.

(Dessa texter är ej avsedda att tas på allvar, och reflekterar/reflekterade ej min personliga åsikt. Majoriteten av texterna innehåller snusk, fördomar och andra uschligheter.)

(Without underscore = Not re-recorded yet)